Dental Technologies and Innovations

From digital X-rays to 3D printing, dental technology and innovations are making trips to the dentist faster and less painful. and more reliable. Certain of these advances are used for diagnostic purposes, while others are designed to speed up procedures like dental crowns and dentures.

Dental software systems, for example, are used to ensure accurate and consistent patient records, and also facilitate billing procedures and insurance claims. Dental technology also includes sterilization equipment made of medical grade, which allows dentists to disinfect their tools and ensure a clean and safe environment.

Other dental technologies aim to assist patients in preparing for procedures by allowing them to visualize the results of their treatment. SmartTek, for example, makes use of augmented reality technology to overlay virtual representations of an improved set on a patient's existing set. This lets them alter aspects of their smile, such as height and spacing to their preference prior to the procedure starting.

Robotic dentistry is also gaining traction, as it allows for more precise procedures and quicker recovery times. Dental lasers are becoming more precise and less invasive. This allows for greater precision in removing cavities or reshaping gums.

Other dental technologies are aimed at improving the quality of treatment, such as ceramic and tooth-colored fillings. These amalgam replacements are visually attractive and durable, and they do not contain mercury. They are biocompatible and help in the healing process of tissue which helps prevent secondary decay.

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