How to Compare Virtual Data Room Providers

It's not enough to purchase one or two filing cabinets to guarantee the security of your important business documents. Today, companies collect and process massive amounts of important data every minute. They need to be secure and accessible. Virtual deal rooms are the most efficient way to manage the organization, storage, and share critical documents.

How do you choose? There are a lot of vendors on the market. Each has its own capabilities and features. The best way to compare the different vendors is to read user reviews on trusted sites such as G2 and Capterra. Check out what other customers have to say about the ease of use as well as how responsive a company responds to their feedback and how long users have been using the platform for, and if it meets their needs.

Comparing virtual deal rooms is also important when it comes to their security features. Make sure you are aware of advanced security features like two factor authentication, access expiration and restrictions based upon the duration of the session and IP addresses. Verify if the virtual data rooms provider has conformity certifications, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR.

When making comparisons between virtual deal rooms, you should compare their pricing plans. Some companies offer flat rates while others offer pricing tiers that increase based on the number of features they use. Pick the one that's most appropriate for your budget.

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