Nonprofit Board Appreciation Ideas

The board members of your organization are the most important decision-makers. They make big decisions and delegate mission-centric tasks to staff. Showing appreciation is essential because they give up around 10 hours per month and serve for a period of three years.

No matter if it's a welcoming gift, a special achievement award or a retirement celebration, recognizing your board members and their contributions is an essential element of making sure they feel appreciated for the work they've done for your organization. The right board member gift could be a fantastic way for your nonprofit to demonstrate that it is concerned about them, and set the tone for your relationship with them.

The ideal gift isn't just a short-term gesture of appreciation, but it will also serve as a constant reminder of the impact their work has had on your company. Whether they use the water bottle that you gifted them to drink from or the wine tumblers with engraved designs in which they carry their notes from meetings in the present will serve as a tangible symbol of your appreciation for their hard work.

School board members are particularly important to your district and deserve to be recognized for their dedication to and work for students. In honor of School Board Recognition Month (SBRM) in January, we have compiled some ideas your school district can implement to recognize their dedicated trustees. You can download templates for free and other resources from KSBA. These resources can be used for various engaging activities to highlight the accomplishments of your school board and make your message more visible to the public.

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